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Journey Support

Welcome to Journey Support!  Whether for yourself, or as a walk alongside friend, this alphabetized page will make it easy for you to receive additional information on specific topics.  Many of these topics speak to one or more of the 10 human-felt needs addressed at
Journey Answers, one of the Network211 evangelism sites. 

Resources for the following topics are available on this page - please scroll down to access the links:
Abortion Alternatives ~ Abortion Recovery ~ Abstinence ~
Addictions ~ Adoption Options       
Adult Childhood Issues ~  AIDS ~ Alzheimer's Disease  ~ Art Therapy ~ Autism                                           
Bible Study/Apologetics ~ Birth Family Search ~ Burn Victims                         
Cancer and Amputation ~ Cancer:For Kids Whose Parents Have Cancer  ~ Career Assessments
Caring For Others ~ Childhood Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment ~ Children and Grief ~ Children - Just for Fun!                          
Children With Life Threatening Illnesses ~ Christian Bookstores ~ Chronic Pain/ Serious Illness                            
Comfort and Encouragement ~ Counseling Referrals ~ Crisis and Natural Disaster ~ Crisis Resources                                  
Death and Dying ~ Depression and Despair ~ Disabilities ~ Divorce ~ Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders ~ E-Cards ~ Evangelism             
Faith ~ Financial and Legal ~ Forgiveness and Reconciliation ~ Foster Care                            
Gender and Sexual Identity Disorders ~ Grace ~ Grief and Loss                       
Health ~ Heaven ~ Homosexuality ~ 
Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Pedophilia
Infertility ~ Internet Integrity   
ournaling ~ Just for Fun                                  
Marriage and Family ~ Memorials ~ Men ~ Military  ~ Missing, Exploited and Murdered Children          
Multiple Birth Organizations   
Pastoral Care ~ Prayer ~ Pregnancy and Early Infant Loss ~ Prison ~ Prodigals                             
Recipes and Hospitality ~ Resource Pages    
Senior Adults ~ Sexual Addictions/Pornography ~ Sexual Assault/Abuse ~ Simplifying Life                   
Spiritual Abuse ~ Stroke Support ~ Suffering ~ Suicide                        
Teens ~ Trust                                 
Want to Know More About Becoming a Christian? ~ Women  


Abortion Alternatives

Abortion Recovery



Adoption Options

Adult-Childhood Issues


Alzheimer's Disease

Art Therapy


Bible Study/Apologetics

Birth Family Search

Burn Victims
  • Joel Sonnenberg

    Joel Sonnenberg has learned more crucial life lessons, faced more challenges, overcome more hardships, developed a deeper faith, and influenced more individuals than most people do in a lifetime. He is a national speaker and has made guest appearances on television since the age of five. Joel has earned numerous honors, including personal commendations from governors and the president of the United States. Joel is a graduate of Columbia International Seminary in South Carolina. 

  • The Phoenix Society

Cancer and Amputation

Cancer - For Kids Whose Parents Have Cancer

Career Assessments

Caring For Others

Childhood Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment

Children and Grief

Children - Just For Fun

Children Life Threatening Illnesses
  • American Childhood Cancer Organization
  • CURE Cancer Updates, Research & Education
  • Extensive List of Online Resources For Childhood Cancer
  • Make A Child Smile
    Founded in May of 1998, by Alexandra Bakker, the Make A Child Smile Organization, also known as MACS, has been a source of support to children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses and their families. Emotional support is provided by creating the opportunity for people to visit the MACS website and learn about the children and their illnesses. 
  • Make A Wish Foundation
    Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work.
  • Planet Cancer

    "Planet Cancer is a community of young adults with cancer. (You know, that age between 'pediatric' and 'geriatric, where no one knows whether to give you a lollipop or have a serious talk about your fiber intake.) It's a place to share insights, explore our fears, laugh, or even give the finger to cancer with others who just plain get it."

  • The Adventures of Captain Chemo
    Captain Chemo is a free, interactive online game. A comic strip superhero - devised by a teenage cancer patient and brought to life in a computer game and website by The Royal Marsden Hospital - is about to star in a brand new adventure to help other young sufferers fight the disease.

Christian Bookstores

Chronic Pain/Serious Illness

Comfort and Encouragement

Counseling Referrals

Crises and Natural Disasters

Crisis Resources

Death and Dying

Depression and Anxiety


Divorce, Single-Parenting, Remarriage

Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders




Financial and Legal

Forgiveness and Conciliation

Foster Care






Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Pedophilia


Internet Integrity


Just For Fun
  • Best of the Christian Web
  • 4D Ultrasound Images
  • Fox Faith Family and Christian Films
  • GetHuman
    Before calling a company about service or another issue you are having with them, contact this website. Founder, Paul English, has a database of contact information, and techniques to beat the prompts and speak with a human.
  • Incredible Births
  • MyFamily.com
    Create a private website to keep in touch with family and friends!
  • PaperBack Book Swap
    Save money by swapping paperback books with other members. Thousands of books are available. See site for membership directions.
  • PeggiesPlace.com
    The Path of Faith seeks to provide biblically sound information for people who are hurting. Their prayer and goal is to help Christians grow in their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and to give them a source of help when they need guidance.

  • Personal Historian
    Record your family story!
  • Realistic Baby Sculptures
    Amazing website with realistic sculptures of babies made from clay by artist Camille Allen.
  • RetailMeNot.com
    A great site for online shoppers! Get coupon codes to use online, as well as other retail coupons. Search the site for coupon codes by website or retailer. Codes are rated to reflect the number of individuals who have successfully received a discount.
  • The Duggar Family
    What an amazing family!

Marriage and Family

  • Blanket Worx Photo Blankets
  • Grief Watch
    "Provides bereavement resources, memorial products and links that can help the griever through personal loss. This site also serves as an excellent educational tool for all who travel down the road of grief."
  • Honored Babies
  • Hope Monument
    Hope and healing are coming to so many who have lost babies through early death due to abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth or due to an accident.  Men as well as women, come to our various locations around the country to spend time with God in these beautiful public, yet private settings.
  • Memory Of
  • National Memorial for the Unborn
  • Photo Stamps
  • Sara's Smile
  • Shutterfly
    Make a beautiful memory book online!
  • Unborn Memorials.com

    "This is the place to give love and honor to those who have been lost before they were born. Whether your child was miscarried, stillborn or aborted, the love you may have for that child will remain forever. Since in most cases, we don't have burials for these little ones to remember them by, an online memorial can be a helpful alternative."



Missing, Exploited and Murdered Children

Multiple Birth Organizations and Groups

Pastoral Care


Pregnancy and Early Infant Loss

  • Angel Tree
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • National Resource Directory
    "Prison Fellowship has partnered with the Restorative Justice Community (RJC) to create a national network of government, faith-based, and community resources and programs for victims, offenders, and their families.

    The goal of the network is to provide a database for the nation to identify, organize, and equip faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, and government agencies to achieve their mission of a statewide prisoner re-entry program, reduce crime, reduce recidivism, and expand smart justice while working to meet the needs of the victims, offenders, and their families."

  • Prison Fellowship
  • Shortimer: Preparing for Release (Prison Fellowship)


Recipes and Hospitality


Senior Adults

Sexual Addictions - Pornography

Sexual Assault/Abuse

Simplifying Life

Spiritual Abuse

Stroke Support





Want to Know More About Becoming a Christian?



  • The resources listed on this page are for your information and consideration. Not all of the views expressed are reflective of the opinions of Walk Alongside Ministries. Advice or information shared with you through these resources should not be a substitute for professional, medical, or legal advice. If you need additional help, please contact a caring pastor, Christian counselor or other professional who can help you prayerfully consider your unique circumstances.