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I hurt.
You told me that you care.
"What can I do?" you asked.
Let me tell you.

Link action with your words.
Hug my neck, hold me tight.
Call me, come and see me.
Let me share, look me in the eye.
I need to talk, and cry, and hurt.
I need to do those things.
Let me.

Don't look at me with shock,
And condemnation.
I feel those things already.

Remember that healing takes time.
If you can't see immediate results,
Don't assume that I love my grief,
Or that I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Affirm me
I need you, I need to believe in me.
Tell me that I have worth.
Tell me again and again!

Tell me that the sun will shine once more.
Encourage me to hope.
Let me be human.
When I fall, don't walk on me.
Pick me up, carry me if you must.

Little things mean a lot-
A fresh baked cookie, a bottle of bath oil,
A hug, a card, a call.
Anything to let me know that you know
I exist.

Don't pretend that I can handle it alone.
It's okay that you don't know what to say or do,
Neither do I.
I have never walked this way before.
Just don't stop trying, please.

Help me to walk again;
To be whole once more,
And when I am,
I will touch another with that same love.

Perhaps someday you will need me -
And I will come to you,
As you came to me.

Ronda Knuth
©rjknuth, 1982