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Adjusting to the News
This article provides insight on how to mentally handle terminal illness.
Anniversary Reactions to a Traumatic Event
Click here to learn what to expect on the anniversary of traumatic events.
10 Tips for Healthy Grieving
Practical ways to deal with grief.
Mourning's Joy
When a loved one dies, sorrow crushes our spirits.
Coping with Grief-Bereavement
Read these article on how to handle bereavement.
Embracing the Pain - A Transforming Journey into Grief
Gerald Sittser shares a window on his journey through overwhelming grief
Fording the River of Grief
Sometimes simply understanding what grieving is about can offer a measure of solace.
God May Seem Silent But He Suffers With Us
Read how we know it is true that God is with us in our pain
Grief and Coping
Download this issue of The Journal of Pastoral Counseling.
Leaning into the Pain of Christmas in the Midst of Grief
This story explains how one family chooses to celebrate Christmas in the midst of grief.
Letting Go With Grace
Mom was eagerly looking forward to the embrace of Jesus.
Loneliness: How Can It Help Me?
Tips for moving on after the death of a spouse.
What About Death and Dying?
Note what death and dying is to the Christian
What Larry Burkett Knew about Healing and Death
How God provided wisdom and peace
What Missionaries Ought to Know About Grief
Being honest and informed regarding grief unique to missionaries