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Prayer is the core of helping others.  Prayer is the foundation upon which being a walk alongside friend rests.   At times this may be the only involvement we have in another's life. This kind of prayer stands in the gap and intercedes for the needs of another.

Praying for someone who is struggling is a challenge. There are no simple formulas in seeking God to act on our friend's behalf. Though we may be tempted because of our very caring way, prayers are not means to dictate to God what He should do in a given situation.  H. Norman Wright, in his book, "Helping Those Who Hurt" encourages that our prayer should be designed in such a way as to draw that one who is hurting closer to relying on the Lord instead of on themselves or on us.   "Prayer accomplishes several things.  It releases our friend to God and reminds us that we are not the ones who are the final resource for him.  We need the direct intervention of God to make a difference in that life!"

It is vital to have a grasp of suffering, why God allows it, and have a Holy Spirit guided sense what God may be doing in this person's life. That way we don't jump in when He needs to be the primary support our friend leans on. However, we know when we are God's hand extended to be there.  Below we share articles on suffering and tips for praying for friends who are hurting and struggling, or growing in their new walk with God.

Why, God?
Suffering: Some Reasons
Job and God