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Web Evangelism/Discipleship

We partner with Network211an online evangelism and discipleship ministry. The goal of Network211 is to reach 10 million people for Christ in the 10 years through Project10Million. Network211 and its ministry partners provide online evangelism presentations where an inquirer can respond by clicking the "Yes" button noting their decision to accept Christ, recommit their life to Christ, request prayer or indicate they have questions. Because of their response they are directed to "1-2-1 Connectors" through an internet interface or email.

It is very exciting to see and hear the results of online evangelism.  By going to Project10Million and clicking "Results" on the lower left column, you will learn how to set up Google Earth with an application to show you, in real time, the location of people around the world who are making decisions to follow Christ from an online evangelism presentation. Currently this is happening through at least six different languages.    

Below are links to online evangelism presentations from Network211 and its partners.